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My First Year With Linux on Desktop

A year ago, after a couple months of head scratching and intense distro hopping, I settled with Manjaro with Gnome. But it didn’t take long for another Arch based project get my attention! With their motto “a terminal-centric distro with a vibrant and friendly community at its core”, EndeavourOS sounded perfect. Read more...

Getting Started With Linux on Desktop

At the beginning of March, I bought a laptop and decided to finally embrace Linux as my daily drive desktop. Till that day I had only used Linux, more precisely Ubuntu, on servers. So, obviously it was my first choice, but I faced a lot of issues, just to find out that the 3rd generation AMD Ryzen CPU on my laptop wasn’t yet supported by the kernel version (5.3) used on Ubuntu 19.10. I wasn’t able to use any Ubuntu based distro. At first it sucked, but now I’m glad that happen! Read more...