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Nextcloud 18 Installation on Ubuntu

Finally, I’ll now cover the installation of Nextcloud on Ubuntu! At this point, is expected that you already had: Choose a VPS provider and concluded the initial setup of your Ubuntu server; Installed Nginx; Installed PostgreSQL; Installed PHP 7.3. I’m currently using Ubuntu 18.04, but these instructions are equally valid for other Ubuntu versions. Read the tutorial...

How I Ended Up With Vultr to Self Host Nextcloud

In the process of self-hosting Nextcloud the first step was to choose a VPS provider. It wasn’t a straightforward choice and in the process I ended up experiencing, by this order, Hetzner, DigitalOcean and Vultr. But, first of all, let me advise you that this isn’t intended to be a factual analysis, supported by quantifiable and specific data. It is rather a subjective assessment based on my use case. Therefore, I believe that your experience with these providers could be completely different. If you are into more technical and detailed analyses you can go here and here, for example. Read more...

Be the Owner of Your Data With Nextcloud

Privacy SysAdmin
Since a few years now I started to get concern with how much of my data was being gathered and how it was being used. Nowdays we spend a big part of our lives online and over the years companies have grown basing their business on tracking our actions. The searches we made, the sites and pages we visit, the time you spent on them… and so on. Let’s face it, Google Search was a revolution, and Gmail, OneDrive, iCloud, Facebook or Youtube are excellent products in terms of usability and features. And best of all they’re free, you would say. Are they? Read more...